The Veggie Patch

I started planting my veggie patch in early September, the beginning of Spring. With two raised garden beds, divided in half each, I had four veggie patches to fill. This was my P.O.A (Plan of Attack.)

~ Companion plant Beetroot and Spring Onions
~ Split one of the four beds to allow for a bean trellis
~ Plant a bed of greens in the remaining space
~ Companion plant Radishes and Carrots in another
~ Leave one patch bare to allow for seasonal crop rotation
~ Hang 8 hanging baskets of cherry tomatoes
~ Plant cucumbers in a nearby planter box
~ Plant 2 containers of potatoes

The varieties I chose are listed below, they were all grown from seed:
~ Bull’s Blood Beetroots (directly planted)
~ White Lisbon Spring Onions (directly planted)
~ Painted Lady Heirloom Beans (directly planted)
~ Little Finger Carrots (directly planted)
~ Oriental Radishes (directly planted)
~ Lebanese Cucumber (directly planted)
~ Choy Sum, Pak Choy and Chinese Broccoli (directly planted)
~ Tommy Toe Tomatoes (seed trays, then transferred)
(Unfortunately I can’t remember what variety of Potatoes I grew! This is precisely why I need to remember/be bothered to label my plants!)

The seeds took a while to get going, but as of now, they are well on their way- with the exception of the Chinese Broccoli. I have my suspicions the ‘Best Before 2013’ may have had something to do with this failure. The Tommy Toe tomatoes took a very long time to get going and only 6 of the 24 seeds sprouted, a second planting saw a much higher success rate.

veggie1Throughout this planning I constantly referred to the excellent book ‘The Little Veggie Patch- How to grow food in small spaces’ by Fabian Capomolla and Mat Pember. As a beginner, I really recommend this book, it is well laid out, has enough detail to answer nearly all of my questions, is aesthetically pleasing and doesn’t take itself too seriously.

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