Bonsai requires patience. Growing a bonsai from seed? Even more.

Our garden features the most beautiful Japanese Maple and over the years I have had the pleasure of watching it grow. It is one of my favourite aspects of our home and once I started Bonsai I knew I wanted to capture this tree in miniature form. However from my readings I was quick to understand that Japanese Maples weren’t recommended for beginners, which I is what I undeniably am.  I certainly didn’t want to purchase a lovely established tree only to kill it, so I decided I would pursue this bonsai from scratch. Though this would clearly take a lot longer, at least it would give me time to become more skilled in the practice, and therefore, when the time came to style and maintain my maple, I would be ready to do it justice.

Fortunately Spring had sprung and the tree was dropping hundreds of seed pods all over the place. After carefully digging up the seedlings, I planted them into a number of seed trays, figuring that the more I had, the more chances I would have of success. I also took some cuttings and attempted an air layering of one of the lower branches.

Only time will tell how many will survive, so far there has been both growth and death. My branch cuttings did not prosper and my intial air layering dried out. Personally I’m betting on the seedlings, and admittedly, I like that idea best.  I hope to think that at least one shall prosper.




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