Vegetarians need a lot of veggie patches

As a family who eats a predominately  plant based diet, it made complete sense to put that pretty useless front lawn to good use by creating another veggie patch. Two in fact.

After juggling the aesthetics, longevity and expense of garden beds, I framed up my first patch. I covered the lawn in newspaper, tossed together some well rotted compost and old sheep manure, covered it in pea straw and watered it in. I then let it sit for the next month or so.

As Autumn rolled around, I planted broccoli, cabbage, brussel sprouts and kale. Rogue pumpkins, potatoes, tomatoes and warrigals quickly sprung up on their own accord. Disappointingly, only the warrigals flourished, the former two never fruiting, the potatoes dug out, due to space constraints.

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