Self Assigned Homework

For those of you new to the Tiny Home on Wheels concept, I shall give you a very, very brief low down. A ‘Tiny Home On Wheels’ or THOW, is pretty much as it sounds, a ‘tiny’ home built on a trailer, hence the ‘wheels’. They are therefore transportable, and as a result, are restricted by the road rules of your state /country.

Now, as my own knowledge is little more than a couple of google searches, I am by no means about to dish out information around the laws and legalities of building, moving or living in a tiny home. As time progresses I may be able to share some of my own experiences, but please, never take my word as truth. There are certainly others who do cover such details, so if you are interested, absolutely suss them out.

What I will say, is that in Victoria, Australia, the maximum size you can build your THOW is: 2.5 W x 12.5 L x 4.3 H.
[I do believe the width can be extended but not without seeking the assistance of a professional towing business.]

For my own place, I am looking at a length of six meters, height and width just within the maximum.

However, as this is not a post about my own plans, I will keep those reasonings for another day.

This is, in fact, a long winded way of introducing what I shall be sharing over the next few posts: RESEARCH, lots and lots of research. Because when you have as little knowledge about building a home as myself, that is one of the very most important steps. Working full-time makes it easy for this stuff not to get done, therefore I have given myself self-assigned homework in hope that I will stick to a study schedule. I am further hoping that these posts will help me keep track, knowing that you are all eagerly awaiting the next tasty morsel of knowledge.

I should also make a big fat list of everything that I need to either research, consider, dwell over or do.
It may well be never ending.

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