What I am finding most difficult is working out what the next step should be. What comes first in the very long list of things to learn & do? I start researching one thing, which then brings up another question, then another and another. Yesterday I sat down to have a closer look into trailers, it made sense to start from the bottom up. Soon enough I was perusing windows and sussing wardrobe solutions, flicking through building standards and investigating water proofing. Things then escalated as I worried about build location, and stressed over where to park my non-existent tiny home. Let’s just say it all nosedived into a very dark place.

It’s all well and good to assign research topics, but when one isn’t sure where to begin, it becomes less straight forward. Even now as I write this post, trying to tie my woes into a nice neat little resolution, I cannot decide what my next move should be.

Nonetheless, for the sake of this post, and the fact that I don’t think I really learned a thing yesterday, I shall assign myself a topic for the next few days. I will find out soon enough if this works or not.

I really can’t decide.





Maybe I will just watch Taylor Swift’s new music video.






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