So you could say I haven’t been successful at maintaining a blog as I research my Tiny House. Mainly I haven’t set aside the time to do so, but also I have been reading, watching and researching so many scattered things, that I don’t think I could even pool my learnings into any comprehensible posts. I know I have been consuming information, but it is all over the place and only now am I beginning to apply it to my actual house.

I can provide an update though:

The build hasn’t commenced yet, but I am hoping we’re getting close. We initially, and naïvely, had planned to have started by end of January, but this has been pushed back a couple of times and it’s now mid-April. As of our last timeline evaluation, I said no later than the start of May, but even that seems a push. But if we are to beat the weather at all, fingers crossed it won’t be far off that.

This clearly means that I do indeed have the trailer- which certainly was an exciting/stressful moment- (let’s just say it was a tight squeeze getting it in the backyard.)

It’s currently undercovers and I don’t have any decent photographs, but once I do, I will pop them up.

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