Table Design and Trying Something New

As expected, designing and building a Tiny House chews through a fair few hours and to be honest I find it a struggle to set aside the time to regularly update this blog. However, this is the one time where I really want to be able to stick at it, so today I have decided to try something new,  a new medium to be exact. That’s right I’ve dipped my toes into the world of ‘vlogging’ by sharing some thoughts in the below video.

Now I won’t lie, it’s a little daunting to post a video, but once you get over the embarrassment of talking to yourself and the surprise of just how many terrible (weak chined) face expressions one pulls whilst rambling on, I found it actually a lot easier than blogging. When I write, I take great pride in crafting cohesive, well-written paragraphs, writing and rewriting until I have perfectly articulated a sentence. I sit deep in reflection, trying to perfectly capture my thoughts, often taking an eternity to simply work out what  I wish to say.  When it comes to editing a video, you are limited by the material you have captured, so you simply have to accept the rubbish and move on. Heck, if I was to edit a video to such perfection I would have to recast myself with someone who can actually assemble a cohesive sentence.

So here we go. One slightly longer than anticipated Tiny House Video Update all about the idea I am currently considering for my dining table. I’m afraid I failed to provide much detail about the table’s use, so it’s probably a good idea to note that this is the only table in the house and it needs to double as a dinner table and desk. The reason that I am attempting to squeeze it into such a tight spot is that when the Murphy bed folds away, the ‘bedroom’ becomes the living space. I thought it would be best to be able to store the table in the area I will be using it. This table will mainly be used in conjunction with the couch, hence the uncertainty with the legs, it’s not like you can push your chair out to get up.  (I now understand the importance of making a plan of what I am going to talk about in a clip.)

Below are some complimentary images to support the design I discuss. I do apologise for the beyond dreadful drawings featured in the video. I further apologise for the complete overuse of the word ‘think’. If you want to skip past the introductory pre-amble skip to 1:45.

Table1Table 2Table 3Table4And finally a link to the video of Ana White’s I mention at (6:55).


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