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If you have not heard of Sylvia Earle, I recommend you read no further. In fact, I insist you immediately cease reading this post, open a new tab and Google her. Right now. That’s right ‘S Y L V I A   E A R L E.’
Her deepness? The living legend? Hero for the planet? Yep, you’re on the right track.

If for some bizarre reason you’re still here, I can guarantee there will be nothing on this entire blog that could be more inspiring or brilliant than she is. So leave. We can catch up later.


Now that you have met your new heroine, I believe an apology is in order- this post, well, it has very little to do with Sylvia.
I am so sorry. I have no doubt that this is a crushing disappointment. I have mislead you, and I understand if you angrily close this tab, sign up to Netflix and watch and then re-watch Sylvia’s documentary film  ‘Blue Mission.’ However, I will attest that she did inspire this next project- to do the impossible and recreate the magic and wonder of a coral reef though the use of succulents.

This, it turns out, is not an original idea. After my lightbulb moment I jumped on Pinterest to hunt for inspiration and there they were. A hundred others who too, have been so entranced by the reef that they felt the need to create their own. Some, who are have done it oh-so-well- Antonia Young and Mark Yabsley, I am looking at you.
Fortunately for me, I wasn’t attempting to create an entirely original piece of art, for if I was, I may have been dissuaded. Instead I was bolstered. Succulents, it would seem, work exceptionally well when attempting to mimic coral.

This new project was exactly what I was looking for; a way to capture the unworldly beauty of the Great Barrier Reef-
no wetsuit required.

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