Designing and Building a Tiny House, and Everything In Between. 

Ribbons, Sails 

& Dandelion Fluff

May 2020 –

Building a Shelter

Steel Frames & Cladding

Apr 20 – Jul 19

Doors & Windows

The Beginnings of a ‘Tiny’ Project

Apr 19 – Aug 17

Succulents & Raspberries;

A First Foray into Gardening.

Oct 17 – Apr 15

Mocking up the Bathroom​ / Sketch Up Tour

As great as Sketch Up is, it has its limitations. For one, you can’t really move about the space as you would in real life, so you can’t truly tell how a room will ‘feel’. Then there are the details which go unnoticed until you are actually using the space: that your elbow hits the basin bench when you turn on the bathtub tap or that you can’t comfortably reach the toilet paper. I am sure the experts who design homes for a living, have these details worked out, but I need to see things in 3D to fully appreciate how they work. This is why I took the bathroom out of the Sketch Up drawing and into the ‘real’ world, well into my shed.

In the past, I have chalked up my house, but this time I needed to bring it into the third dimension. Fortunately, we have a shed full of bits and pieces, perfect for a rough mockup. Gladly, I can say it was an exercise well worth the effort. Once I had set up the room, I could finally visualise the space that had been so neglected. I decided I wanted two sets on taps in the shower and locked in a deep tub as the base. I could plan the best location for power points and happily concluded that there was plenty of height in the shower. I could comfortably set up my ‘laundry’ without inconvenience and decided upon the bathroom windows dimensions and height. With all these details locked in, I could finally draw the bathroom up in great detail with confidence.

Below you can finally ‘tour’ the first ‘completed’ room.

Mock Up

Ideally would have a shower base with raised sides.
Space for laundry as there won't be a washing machine.

Sketch Up

Wardrobe just outside- have a shower, dry off, get dressed.
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