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For a couple of months I have been tossing up whether to invest in a table saw. Whilst one would give me greater accuracy and efficiency, a decent saw would come at a considerable cost and I was struggling to gauge just how much we would use it. (Not to mention my preference for hand tools.) I attempted to find one that I could borrow or hire to no avail. After a particularly poor window joint and truly fed up with the slow progress and less-than-perfect results, I finally bit the bullet and decided to commit.

I am so glad I did.

The key reason I invested in the table saw was for the windows- but it turns out it really assists in spurring on those small side projects that one feels they should put on the back burner until they have time to spare.

During the winter months, I have picked up a couple of indoor projects- small details of the house which seem too early to be considering, but that are perfect for the cold evenings when one can’t bring themselves to head into a freezing cold shed to cut mortise and tenon joints. One such project stemmed from the need to condense a large number of DVD’s into a Tiny House scaled collection.  Whilst I had previously culled many of these, the fact remained that I still had about 40 films and no planned storage for them. Now, one may be wondering why on earth I would still harbor so many DVD’s with the numerous streaming options available, but truly I just like having my favourite films at my disposal, plus I may not always have a reliable internet connection.

In the past, I have seen many a person slip their discs into soft plastic envelopes, but I didn’t have any on hand and to just go buy some, clashed somewhat with the desire to minimise my plastic consumption. (Heck, DVD packing is wasteful enough as it is). I also wanted to keep the jackets. In the end, I decided I would slip the discs into handmade card envelopes and fix them to the inside of the jacket. However, this would mean I would certainly need a box to store them in. Enter the table saw. Admittedly I could have hand sawn this box but being a side project, and a somewhat unimportant one, I felt I needed to smash this out in a day- which I did!

Below are the results.

  • In short, I cut four pieces of marine ply for the sides and half cut a recess around the top of the edges for the lid to glide along. (This I achieved with a simple shallow cut into the ply; the thickness of the blade deciding the thickness of the ply lid).
  • I fixed the edges together with nails (my worst enemy- but considerably improved with a slight predrilling of the holes) and tapped on a base.
  • I shoulder planned the edges of the lid piece to ensure it slid along smoothly and there you have it- a pretty decent DVD storage box. I will admit, I am really quite pleased. The box is far from perfect but it’s functional and relatively attractive- nothing a bit of stain can’t enhance.
9mm Marine Ply cut to size- Front Piece.
Nailed and glued the edges together.
A mishap with one of the nails- prior to the idea to predrill.
True, nails are not the prettiest join, but I’m hoping that a good coat of Walnut stain will disguise them better.
Finished piece! Apologies, I forgot to take further progress snaps.


Half my DVD collection- to give you some context this was taking up half a bookcase shelf.



(Scale of box to one small Jack Russell.)

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