Designing and Building a Tiny House, and Everything In Between. 

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May 2020 –

Building a Shelter

Steel Frames & Cladding

Apr 20 – Jul 19

Doors & Windows

The Beginnings of a ‘Tiny’ Project

Apr 19 – Aug 17

Succulents & Raspberries;

A First Foray into Gardening.

Oct 17 – Apr 15

What can I say but that it has been a while. A long while. AGAIN.

If I was being honest with myself, I would have to conclude that I am just not cut out for the Blogging, or even the Vlogging game, but I persist, and seeing as my situation has changed I see no reason why this shouldn’t be my most successful attempt yet. Let me explain: Since October my day-to-day work had been pretty consuming and though some Tiny House progress was slowly made, it was mainly what could be achieved over the weekends. I then took a break from Tiny Housing over the Christmas period. However, it was just before this ‘holiday’ that I made a decision that would change the pace of this project.

After almost four years of working for one organisation, I decided it was time for change and time to grow. I therefore handed in my notice, finishing up at the start of February. In turn, I made the (potentially questionable) decision to dedicate myself to this project full time, at least until the house is watertight.

Now, this all dips a little more deeply into my personal world than I would usually share, but there is a key reason behind this choice, and that is, that I don’t want anyone to be under false impressions as they consider the decision to build a tiny home. Meaning, if I miraculously knock this house out within 6 months, I don’t want one to think that I managed all that whilst juggling a full-time job or a family etc. I am fortunate enough to be in a situation where I still live at home and have parents who have only ever encouraged and supported me, not to mention a very generous friend who is helping me out constantly, and so the amount of time this project demands of me may vary drastically to someone who is juggling such things. That said, I have almost zero experience in any of this so my time management and efficiency will never be on par with someone who actually knows what they are doing.

If there is any lesson I have learned so far, it is that building my Tiny House, and I mean from frame to cabinetry and everything in between, has taken and will continue to take, triple the length of time I anticipated on spending on it. And unless you are experienced in such projects, it is very difficult to make progress and balance everything else that goes on in life. True, a Tiny Home may be incy in comparison to a full-sized home, but it still encompasses a kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, living space, and utilities. Further, it is a less commonly tread path, especially in Australia, so the time researching and experimenting can be somewhat more consuming than to build a house to official housing standards.

All that said, here I am on the brink of actually (and finally) building this house. Alright, it may be a few more weeks until we see some frame action but I appreciate that I am most fortunate to be in a position where I can commit to this full time now and so there is no way that I am going to squander it.

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