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I remember reading once that Victoria Beckham loves Mondays ‘because you have a whole week ahead of you’ and I have to say I agree whole-heartedly. Monday is the day when you start fresh, the upcoming week stretching before you like a neatly paved road to success.  The possibility of checking off every item on that to-do list is not only possible but easy. The day thrums with a sense of purpose and organisation.

Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday are pretty great too. You’re continuing to smash off all those tasks so you’re feeling pretty pleased with yourself. Plus, you’ve still got time up your sleeve.

But Friday? In one breath, Friday happily sings out that tomorrow is the weekend, and in the next, turns to you with cold indifference to remind you that there are several empty check boxes staring up at you from your diary, each little blank face radiating crumbled disappointment.

Of course, I am likely being a tad dramatic about this, but after all, today is FRIDAY. Seriously, where on earth did this week go because I am pretty sure it should only be Wednesday. But gone it has and therefore I suppose I should quit my grumbling and get to stamping out the weekly update.

16th – 22nd February:

This week I watched another two Fouch Family videos, one where Nick builds a door jamb, and the other the door’s threshold/sill. These were immensely helpful and I have now added both of these to the door design.

I also came to the conclusion that a slightly narrower door would be better in our situation. You see, when the Murphy bed folds down, the end corner lands smack bang in the middle(ish) of the door way. As you can imagine, this is not really ideal. We did know this was going to occur to a certain degree but with a 820mm door it’s worse than I anticipated. By reducing the door to 720mm this issue is almost completely eradicated. It also means a little less timber to buy and a little less weight, so a winner all round.

In regards to timber I think I have decided to use Accoya. True, it turns out to be a little cheaper than Western Red Cedar, but it is somewhat heavier, so not a clear-cut solution.  That said, I just don’t feel the Cedar will hold up as well to the inevitable day-to-day trauma a door must endure, hence the leaning towards Accoya.

With the door design and timber pretty much decided, Thursday was predominately spent producing a cut list. This task always takes me far too long, I spend so much time fiddling around with the numbers to try to keep my total lengths under 3 metres (this way I can fit it in the car), whilst trying to find the most efficient solution. You may notice that some of the material lengths seem a bit excessive. Apparently it’s recommended to have a decent amount of excess as it allows you to achieve good straight pieces for the door. I’m heeding the advice in this case because I haven’t made a door before and figure it’s no huge drama if I have left overs, I am sure I will find use for them.

Screen Shot 2019-02-22 at 3.04.49 pm

And that is all I felt like I achieved!
I did mess around on Sketch Up a fair bit, trying to clean up a couple of models I had. Turns out my understanding of ‘Layers’ was completely incorrect- not an uncommon mistake I am assured.

Upcoming Week POA:
  1. Confirm and purchase some test pieces of the materials we are using to clad the house. This is simply so we can develop a feel and understanding of them before throwing them on the frame.
  2. I need to design a jig for my router so I can plane down the timber for the door, I therefore anticipate that I will be watching a few more YouTube videos. Hopefully I can get onto that this weekend so I can buy the materials and build it on Monday.
  3. I then plan to test this out on some blackwood offcuts I have, and if all goes well, purchase the timber per mentioned cut list. (I don’t think I will collect the timber for the jamb and threshold at the same time because storage is very limited in our family shed, but we shall see.)
  4. Non door realated but important all the same, I need to finalise the window sill design and order timber for that. The sooner the better because Western Red Cedar is a Special Order for us, and can take two weeks to turn up.
Scan 4
Please ignore that very hideous door in the left hand corner.

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