Designing and Building a Tiny House, and Everything In Between. 

Ribbons, Sails 

& Dandelion Fluff

May 2020 –

Building a Shelter

Steel Frames & Cladding

Apr 20 – Jul 19

Doors & Windows

The Beginnings of a ‘Tiny’ Project

Apr 19 – Aug 17

Succulents & Raspberries;

A First Foray into Gardening.

Oct 17 – Apr 15

Where to resume? That is the question to ask yourself when your last post was November 2015.

But back I am to give it another shot. Considering I have almost a year to make up for, it may take a while to catch you up to speed. I shall try to keep it snappy.

SUMMER- The Veggie Patch

Fig 2. Heirloom Painted Ladies- so full of promise. Unfortunately a couple of particularly hot days saw them burns to crisps. Or at least saw them shrivel and drop to the ground. Looking back I should have picked them then and there. Not quite sure what I was waiting for…
Fig 1. At the peak of the summer season. Looking lush and exciting.
Fig 5. At least the Tommy Toe Tomatoes were a raging success. They developed really well and the harvest lasted right through Summer.
Fig 3. The nightmare that was Daikon.
Fig 4. If only it had done as well as it’s bite-size relation. (Yes those are carrots hidden under all that leaf growth. They actually did alright considering the monstrosity all up in their grill.) Although they certainly could have done with a better thinning.
Fig 6. Potatoes! Little did I know how joyful it would be to harvest potatoes. Not to mention, how terribly easy they are to grow. Unfortunately I can’t remember what variety they were, which is a shame because they were delicious.
Fig 7. Case in point. (Home grown carrots, potatoes and radish.)


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