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Birthday Treat

Afternoon, Tuesday 8th July 2020

For my birthday, my lovely Mother gifted me a voucher to the local craft supply store remembering that I had been hoping to pick up some small lengths of fabric to play with during my visit home. Delighted, I made a particular visit to town yesterday, hoping to acquire the fabrics that would bring to life my Little Women inspired curtain. This wouldn’t be for a regular window, but rather, the large skylight directly above the living/bedroom area. An addition of comfort and cosiness, more than privacy and shade. (That said, I will likely back the curtain in a thicker material to assist in the latter two requirements.) 

With careful deliberation I made my selection and happily collected together several prints, purchasing a 30cm strip of each. Whether I shall use them all or just a handful, I’m not yet sure, but my thought is to hand-stitch them together into a curtain that I could imagine adorning the windows of the March sisters, the Burrow or Ratty’s riverside home.

The Marches' extreme do-it-yourself approach extended to every facet of their lives, often out of necessity but sometimes out of sheer entrepreneurial spirit.

– Little Women, The Offical Movie Companion.

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