Designing and Building a Tiny House, and Everything In Between. 

Ribbons, Sails 

& Dandelion Fluff

May 2020 –

Building a Shelter

Steel Frames & Cladding

Apr 20 – Jul 19

Doors & Windows

The Beginnings of a ‘Tiny’ Project

Apr 19 – Aug 17

Succulents & Raspberries;

A First Foray into Gardening.

Oct 17 – Apr 15

It would appear that after ten months, I have finally struck upon something that might just top that very perfect, lovely red raspberry so proudly posted back in October 2016. A slight veering of focus, but one which I hope will still be backdropped by a keen, if slightly neglected, interest in gardening.

In short, I have decided to build myself a Tiny Home on Wheels.
Should good fortune allow. (One would hate to jinx this plan.)

A disclaimer here- I have very minimal architectural knowledge and have never built anything more impressive than a timber chair in High School. That said, there are a few people in my world who do have some knowledge that I can harvest. Paired with the amazing technology that is the internet, there shouldn’t be too many holes that can’t be filled.

Now please be assured, this is not a whim that only occurred to me over the last few days. It’s an idea I have been toying with for a couple of years now, and for me, I think it’s a good fit.

As a twenty-four-year-old, living in the suburbs of Melbourne, Australia, I am not exactly in a position to buy a home, let alone some land. Certainly, I could rent my own place if I truly wished, but as I work within 7kms of my family home, it seems a little illogical, no matter how much I sometimes long for my own space.
However, I do have a great desire to build something myself, a little something to mark my twenty-four odd years on earth. A tiny home seems do-able and if it’s on wheels, a good option for the great unknown of ones twenties.

It will be an absolute challenge. But hopefully, a good one. A challenge that one day I view as completely overwhelming, the next as terribly exciting. If it works, it works! And if it doesn’t… well it doesn’t. But at least I gave it a shot.

So in conclusion, this is where I hope to document some of the progress. Hope, being the key word, as three posts a year is hardly a great track record. Nonetheless, we will give it another whirl and hopefully now that I have voiced this dream to the big, wide web, I will be less likely to chicken out because, well , that would be a tad embarrassing.

Wish me luck! I am going to need it.



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