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Reflection: Saturday 11th July 2020

Without a doubt I should have composed this post on Saturday, or even Sunday, as I basked in the pleasure of complete victory. The triumph of completing my bathroom door. In a single day.

I was proud as punch and happy as Larry, and it would have been a jolly read…. if only I hadn’t been so exhausted from all the success. So, whilst I write this in no seriously lessened spirits, it is with the distance of days, and thus all the bright ideas and realisations of such accomplishment are a vague remembrance. 

Alright, if we are going to be pedantic, I should note, that the door remains in its rough state. Undressed and unpolished, at least until installation is nigh. (I have learnt, thanks to my own carelessness, that pieces will inevitably suffer as they are shuffled about awaiting installation.) Nevertheless, structurally the door is sound, and if I hung it tomorrow it would function as advertised! I far outstripped even my own expectations for I’d been envisioning a week of work ahead. Yet, I underestimated the value of a concentrated effort; thanks to the unexpected surprise of having the entire day to myself, AND, the blessing of experience. It is no longer inconceivable for me to conjure up an idea and just know how to execute it, WITHOUT preliminary research, or trial & error! I am also happy to report that I can more easily recognise where I can take short cuts without detriment to the integrity of a piece- handy when one is feeling less inspired to delve into the time hungry world of fancy joinery. In short, I was quite pleased. 

Oh ho, what do we have here? Unconsidered possibilities.
Now, that, is exciting.

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