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Sunday 19th July 2020

In my previous post I finished up with an exciting little clue as to what I was building next, yet when I was met with identical confused reactions from 75% of my readers, (Thanks Mum & Baby Potato*), I realised that interest was minimal and thus deemed a more demure reveal would be more appropriate. 

In short, I have spent the last two afternoons building the rough shell of my Tiny Making Station… (yes, I agree, the name need’s some work).  Essentially, it’s a set of drawers on wheels that will function as a home for my tools, colouring pencils & general making supplies, but also will double as a tiny work bench. Tiny, being the key word here, but it certainly will be better than relying purely on my dining table/desk. Although the unit is far from complete, functionally it’s come together better than I anticipated.

* My darling sister

However, the best details are in the upper half of the unit, which is yet to see fruition, so I’ll need some drawings if I am going to do my idea any justice.

In its normal state, the countertop of the drawers will  allow me another work surface; whether that be as a laptop standing desk, a wrapping station, (very niche, but I’m sure we have all experienced the anxiety of wrapping on the carpet of the lounge room floor), or even some more bench space for the occasional over-ambitious kitchen venture. The wheels offer such flexibility, but more importantly, I can roll the unit over to my living area and desk and have easy access to my set of colouring pencils WITHOUT cramping up my desk space!

The second aspect of the top, shown in drawing 3, is that it will be split in two, with the front halve flipping over to reveal a rimmed surface. Why? As I want to line the wall to the left of the drawers with paints, brushes, tape, ribbons etc, and the back wall with smaller hand tools (pin board style), it would be useful to have a form of taking them over to my desk without having to carry armfuls of supplies back and forth. The rimmed edge would allow me to stow these items without the risk of anything rolling off.

The back half will be a bit more complicated, see image 4. The idea is that the lid will open to reveal a small woodworking station, by which I am thinking a vice and some sort of set up for sharpening my tools with my wet stone, (because if it’s already set up, I am far more likely to do it). To access the space, I would just need to wheel out the unit, spin it around and park it facing the other way. I also see potential to slip in a bit more storage behind the drawers.

And finally, if none of that made the slightest sense, here is a rough real life mock up of the wood working station. At least, the idea of what it could be.

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