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Tuesday 4th August 2020

Short and sweet! Here is the drawer unit worktop come to life. It might not be pretty as a picture, but I am quite excited about this little space. I think this corner of my home will become one of my favourite spots. It will offer flexibility to the space in which I plan to make many, many things, and will hold all the tools and materials to bring such creations to life. 

The front section has a removable insert which can be lifted out, using the corner cut-out, to reveal a rimmed tray, (much better than my idea of flipping the lid, as described in my previous post.) Here, I can safely collect bits and pieces from the shelves that will be mounted above this unit, and wheel them over to my desk, without the heart stopping moment of watching your chisel roll off the edge of a bench.

Spin the drawer unit around, lift the lid and there is the tiny wood working bench- to possibly feature a vice, and certainly, a sharpening station. I have used a pair of flush overlay hinges, which proved perfect for the job! A lucky chance really, for I picked them up as an afterthought, (despite not quite knowing how they worked), when buying some traditional hinges. They prevented me from having to install hinges on the top face, nor did I have to leave a gap for the swing of the lid.

Later, I installed a stay, not pictured, to keep the lid from falling down when I am working, (irritating!), and a stop at the rear of drawers to prevent them from being pushed back into the unit.

I also made a long, narrow drawer to fill the space next to my colouring pencil drawers; a perfect spot for my fountain pen inks. I must say, all this organising of my stationary and tools is immensely satisfying.

And, it was only today that I realised the potential of attaching a wide piece of trim to the edge of the bench. Besides looking a lot better than the ply edging, such an addition allows me to clamp pieces to the unit. Handy until I get my hands on a small vice.

I suppose you could call this an Easter Egg! A little sneak peek into the future, for these are types of pieces I hope to make in my tiny home; little timber decorations to adorn a Christmas Tree. As of now, I squeeze such work into the time between dinner and bedtime, but one day, once this house is complete, I will have plenty of spare time to really sink my teeth into such things!

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  1. So good Fi, an amazing use of tiny spaces and I love the decorations, your drawings are just lovely. Once again, well done!

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