The garden is a place, that until recently, remained rather elusive to me. I was an ‘indoors’ person, with interests in fashion, drawing, cooking, reading and computers. The outdoor world consisted of warm weather and annual BBQ’s. However after working in retail for an extended period my interests began to shift and now, over a short but significant time, I find myself with a blooming veggie patch, a generous collection of succulents and a bonsai. My babies.
This may be a slight exaggeration, yet there once was a time where I had free time to Keep up with the Kardashians (…not that I ever did,) and afternoons were not spent watering, feeding, pruning, potting, repotting, thinning, bird proofing and executing pest control. I have even begun making my own pots, because why not dive into the deep end?

Nonetheless I will be the first to admit, my ‘garden’ knowledge is limited- I have picked up a few books and tune into Gardening Australia weekly, but I am very much learning as I go. So that’s why I am here, to hopefully engage with those who do have-a-clue about what they are doing, but also suss out other spring chickens who too, have only recently discovered the delights of nature.