Peanut Butter and Dutch Ovens

When condensing your life into a 12 square meter space, it’s inevitable that you will have to make some compromises and question even the ‘essentials.’ As a regular home cook, a proper stove is something I have always considered necessary, but is it? I have seen many tiny home dwellers go without, only using a two or three stovetop burner to prepare their meals. That said, there are limits to what can be prepared stove top style, and baked goods are one of the trickier edibles to adapt.

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Windows – Tempered Glass

When researching windows for tiny homes, tempered glass is a term which you will immediately come across. Heat treated, or chemically treated, tempered glass is nicknamed ‘safety glass’ for its ability to fracture into small blunt pieces.

[You are likely familiar with its broken form if you live in an area with sheltered glass bus stops. Or rather, did live in an area with sheltered glass bus stops. Before the footpath sparkled with pretty, fractured chunks of glass.]

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What I am finding most difficult is working out what the next step should be. What comes first in the very long list of things to learn & do? I start researching one thing, which then brings up another question, then another and another. Yesterday I sat down to have a closer look into trailers, it made sense to start from the bottom up. Soon enough I was perusing windows and sussing wardrobe solutions, flicking through building standards and investigating water proofing.

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Self Assigned Homework

For those of you new to the Tiny Home on Wheels concept, I shall give you a very, very brief low down. A ‘Tiny Home On Wheels’ or THOW, is pretty much as it sounds, a ‘tiny’ home built on a trailer, hence the ‘wheels’.
They are therefore transportable, and as a result, are restricted by the road rules of your state /country.

Now, as my own knowledge is little more than a couple of google searches, I am by no means about to dish out information around the laws and legalities of building, moving or living in a tiny home. As time progresses I may be able to share some of my own experiences, but please, never take my word as truth. There are certainly others who do cover such details, so if you are interested, absolutely suss them out.

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Vegetarians need a lot of veggie patches

As a family who eats a predominately  plant based diet, it made complete sense to put that pretty useless front lawn to good use by creating another veggie patch. Two in fact.

After juggling the aesthetics, longevity and expense of garden beds, I framed up my first patch. I covered the lawn in newspaper, tossed together some well rotted compost and old sheep manure, covered it in pea straw and watered it in. I then let it sit for the next month or so.

As Autumn rolled around, I planted broccoli, cabbage, brussel sprouts and kale. Rogue pumpkins, potatoes, tomatoes and warrigals quickly sprung up on their own accord. Disappointingly, only the warrigals flourished, the former two never fruiting, the potatoes dug out, due to space constraints.

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Properly Propagating.

Now, I don’t want to brag so I shall keep this short. I may have mentioned in a previous post that I had collected some succulent leaves to propagate.
I may have also noted that these leaves, well, they weren’t doing so wonderfully.
It appears I spoke too soon.
That’s right, my left-for-dead succulents are actually propagating!

I shall fess up and mention that I didn’t see it coming, in fact I had given them up and all together forgotten about them.
So I apologise dear little succulents, you have proved me wrong. I am so proud that you struggled on despite my absolute neglect.

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