Tool Box: Cordless Screwdrivers & Drills

Without a doubt a cordless screwdriver would be a valuable addition to my toolbox, the question though is which one? Hoping to find a clear winner I read through countless of Top 10 lists, searching for the ‘number one screwdriver’. Regrettably, this only raised more uncertainty as it appears the tile is highly disputable. Hitachi’s Pencil Driver topped quite a few lists, but at only 3.6 volts, it seems to be aimed at light housework… though some reviewers insist otherwise.

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The Power of Knowledge

Whilst my Plumbing Plan is far from over I am feeling pretty comfortable with the topic, and so in order to maintain progress across the board, I have decided that today is the day to start looking into power. I originally mentioned that I was not keen about plumbing, but that is nothing to how I feel about electricity and gas. To my surprise, plumbing proved to be far more enjoyable than I anticipated, so here’s hoping these will pan out the same! Again, I made the mistake of diving straight into Tiny-House-relevant material first but I quickly retreated and sought the broader basic facts.

Do remember I am a complete novice, so whilst I have done my best to comprehend these topics, they occupy uncharted territory. If you notice an errors, please don’t hesitate to chime in.

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