Birthday Break

At the start of the year, I decided that I would take a pause from gardening until my Tiny House was built. As the tiny house study had increased, any planned gardening kept getting put on the back burner. I was constantly neglecting my plants and unless my father kindly intervened they often became sickly and died…

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Properly Propagating.

Now, I don’t want to brag so I shall keep this short. I may have mentioned in a previous post that I had collected some succulent leaves to propagate.
I may have also noted that these leaves, well, they weren’t doing so wonderfully.
It appears I spoke too soon.
That’s right, my left-for-dead succulents are actually propagating!

I shall fess up and mention that I didn’t see it coming, in fact I had given them up and all together forgotten about them.
So I apologise dear little succulents, you have proved me wrong. I am so proud that you struggled on despite my absolute neglect.

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What I quickly discovered as I took on more responsibilities, was that I began to forget the small things- to water my cucumber seedlings, to mulch my potatoes, to cover the new fruit on our fig tree. This was not ideal, I was just getting things established, then would lose progress when seedlings dried out, or promising fruit was stolen by greedy possums.

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Completing the trio

If you have not heard of Sylvia Earle, I recommend you read no further. In fact, I insist you immediately cease reading this post, open a new tab and Google her. Right now. That’s right ‘S Y L V I A E A R L E.’
Her deepness? The living legend? Hero for the planet? Yep, you’re on the right track.

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So I hear gardening is relaxing?

I admit I was always under the impression that gardening was generally a recreation for the elderly, a leisurely way to pass retirement, a form of zen and relaxation. I mean, clearly, there was some hard work involved- but overall it appeared pretty chilled. This, I rapidly discovered, was far from true, and this ‘hobby,’ it doesn’t suffer weakness.

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Welcome, thank you and apologies in advance!

The garden is a place, that until recently, remained rather elusive to me. I was ‘an indoors’ person,’ with interests in fashion, drawing, cooking, reading and computers. The outdoor world consisted of warm weather and annual BBQ’s. However after working in retail for an extended period my interests began to shift, and now, over a short but significant time, I find myself with a blooming veggie patch, a generous collection of succulents and a bonsai. My babies.

This may be a slight exaggeration, yet there once was a time where I had free time to Keep up with the Kardashians, (…not that I ever did,) and afternoons were not spent watering, feeding, pruning, potting, repotting, thinning, bird proofing and pest controlling. I have even begun making my own pots, because why not dive into the deep end?

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