Tool Box: Cordless Screwdrivers & Drills

Without a doubt a cordless screwdriver would be a valuable addition to my toolbox, the question though is which one? Hoping to find a clear winner I read through countless of Top 10 lists, searching for the ‘number one screwdriver’. Regrettably, this only raised more uncertainty as it appears the tile is highly disputable. Hitachi’s Pencil Driver topped quite a few lists, but at only 3.6 volts, it seems to be aimed at light housework… though some reviewers insist otherwise.

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From Beds to Boats

The past week has been a bit all over the place in regards to Tiny House research and it only makes sense that this post will be the same, a look at where we are up to, what is currently inspiring me, and the same old lesson of acting before planning. I messed around on…

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Reading lightbulb boxes- yep, as thrilling as it sounds.

After finally getting stuck into some building I returned to my lighting research with renewed energy. Inspired to tackle my work with a slightly more hands-on approach I pulled out a couple of light bulbs from our hallway cupboard to have a look for myself. Funnily enough, the cardboard boxes proved the more interesting and soon I was reading the information the manufacturers consider major selling points.

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A Practice in Practical

As much as I have been enjoying my Tiny House research of late, last week I hit a wall. I had been trying to shape my electricity learnings into an actual power plan but just couldn’t find the focus to do so. I kept jumping all over the place, unable to map the best approach, growing restless with the constant screen time.

I haven’t spoken greatly about our timeline for the build but originally we had set out to commence in February, it is now almost June and we still aren’t there. Surprisingly this hasn’t caused me the anxiety or frustration I would have anticipated, but I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t growing weary of the lack of action.

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Let Me Illuminate the Situation

Lighting completes the trio of topics I did not want to think about, but unlike plumbing and electricity, I’ve found it difficult to kindle any particular enthusiasm in the prospect of breaking it right down to basics. After a handful of false starts, I have decided that I need to cut to the chase with this one- skipping over the how and why behind light itself to the only area that has perked my attention thus far: Radial Circuits. This interest was sparked by one very helpful and well-informed John Ward- check out his YouTube channel here for all sorts of electrical explorations.

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Okay, to be fair my last couple of posts have been fun to research, testing to write and boring to read, however, they have served their purpose incredibly well. Not only am I now confident enough to preach all my new wisdom to my family and friends, work colleagues and distant acquaintances, but I am excited about the two things that had been causing me the most anxiety, plumbing and electricity for those who are dropping by for the first time.

Further, I have finally discovered the pleasure in properly understanding how things work instead of skipping to the application, by which I mean not simply making decisions based on what others have done before. Whilst this method certainly has the advantage of being quicker, breaking something down vigorously and studying all of its parts is more efficient in the long run.

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